Artificial Clouds to Quell Global Warming

It’s not a new idea, neither science fiction. The process, known as “Marine Cloud Brightening“consists in artificially producing clouds over the ocean in order to cool the Earth.


Futuristic ships would trigger salt water to the sky, creating a shield of clouds. The clouds would hopefully be thick, bright and large enough to reflect the sunlight back into the space, cooling the surface of the ocean.

Marine cloud brightening

David Young stated that this process “could achieve as much for the planet carbon cuts would, but at a fraction of the cost. It’s important to note that this technology wouldn’t reduce carbon emissions or tackle the causes of global warming, but would mask its effects”.

Projects like this are always controversial. While some scientists think that this kind of project could result in positive consequences for the environment, there are others that ensure that they would cause a reduction in humanity’s concern about climate change and environmental issues. The best way to reduce climate change and global warming is to reduce carbon emissions, so maybe to add more components such as water vapor to the athmosphere is not the best alternative and we should invest in turning people into a green, clean and eco-friendly community.

Do you think this could work?



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