Canopea Wins Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 Competition

The house built by Rhone Alpes team has been named as the winner of the 2012 Solar Decathlon Europe competition held in Madrid.


The Rhone Alpes team went beyond the design of a single house, and developed the concept of “Nanotower”, a group of small towers holding an individual dwelling on each floor with the top floor holding a common laundry, a summer kitchen and a community area for residents. The nanotowers are integrated in the urban ecosystem of the city and the energy and information are exchanged and shared through the smart grid.

The prototype showed in the competition represented the top floor of the complex, composed by 3 boxes or “living units”, a bedroom and a bathroom. The third space has a modular furniture that permits to create a bedroom or to open it to the living room.

The main objective of the competition is to reach an optimal balance of heating, refrigerating, electricity and movility necessities using only solar energy for powering the building. Canopea has a 10,7 kW solar power system and an estimated energy production of 12.733 kWh/year. During the competition, it was possible to make a real time monitoring of produced and consumed energy of each house.


Power generated by the PV system (BLUE) and consumed by the loads (RED) in the Canopea house during the competition.
Source: Solar Decathlon Europe, 2012


The competition consisted in the evalutaion of 10 different aspects related to sustainable architecture. Canopea ranked first in Comfort Conditions, House Functioning, Architecture and Innovation. The Andalucia Team ranked second very close to Canopea with their project Patio 2.12,  and Med In Italy ended the competition in third place.


Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 Scoring table.
source: Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 www.sdeurope.org



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