Do you know what´s a Dyson Sphere?

Some say that solar power plants are not used on Earth exclusively, there is a possibility that they are also used by aliens…

Have you ever heard of Dyson Spheres? An interesting theory affirms that accross the universe we should be able to find massive star-scale solar power plants built by alien civilizations.

Advanced civilizations with a huge demand of energy would run out of energy sources within their own planet quickly, we have to consider that on Earth, only in the last 30 years we have doubled our global energy supply. so it is very possible they had to use the energy coming from nearby stars. If we believe this, we should look for signs of Dyson Spheres if we want to find extraterrestrial civilizations. The search of these civilizations depends on alien technology speculation.

Jason Wright is an astronomer who is searching for Dyson Spheres in the Milky Way and other galaxies. His project is not the first search for these extraterrestrial solar plants. Maybe one day they will be found. We will see…


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