India in the dark

What happens when almost the 6th of world´s population suffers the worst blackout ever known?

Let me tell you…

We are talking about India, one of the biggest countries in this planet and yes, you´ve guessed right, a blackout in India can only mean one thing: chaos.

Some weeks ago, during 2 days in a row, India´s electrical grid collapsed. The country is growing too fast and it needs a solid infrastructure to support it, but India is still a developing country: One third of India´s households do not even have electricity to power a light bulb. Poor people paid badly the consequences of the blackout.

Some have seen the darkness in India as something that should embarrass the Government. India´s even  had to buy extra power from Bhutan. Just imagine the nightmare in airports, metro stations, trains, traffic lights, coal mines, hospitals… A total amount of twenty states where affected by the blackouts.

¿Is this crisis going to be used as a pretext to push for coal and nuclear… or, on the other hand, is it going to be an opportunity for renewables?

Considering that in districts like Jodhpur, wind power has been the solution to the blackout, we should think that a solid development of renewables will help India to avoid this kind of crisis. And we are not talking only about wind power, if there is a country where solar power should be an easy sell, that country is India.

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