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The expansion and growth of knowledge bases and competencies is essential for any successful company.  We embrace this concept fully here at Gnarum, hence why we have realized that there has been a paradigm shift when it comes to individuals being concerned with renewable energy and energy efficiency. In the past, we have developed solutions for forecasting and electric vehicles for commercial clients. Currently, we are developing tools internally that can bring our software expertise to individuals. This project leverages our proficiency in forecasting and software for electric vehicles to provide innovative tools for individual or residential users. Not only will these tools help us expand our potential customer base, but also propagate the spread of renewable energy technologies and electric vehicle usage.

We will continue to post updates on the progress of this venture and if you have questions or comments about the forecasting or electric vehicle tools please contact Mónica Ruiz (monica.ruiz@gnarum.com) or Eli Sachs (eli.sachs@gnarum.com) respectively.

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