New York State Buildings Must Increase Energy Efficiency 20%

Governor Andrew Cuomo seeks to reach the ambitious goal of improving energy efficiency in state buildings by 20% by 2020.

This program will be coordinated through the Build Smart NY program, an initiative that aims to increase building efficiency “in a strategic, coordinated, cost-effective, and data-driven manner”.

According to Governor Cuomo, this initiative, one of the most ambitious in the nation, “can produce significant savings for NY taxpayers and create thousands of jobs, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than eight million metric tons – which is the same as taking one million cars off the road for one year. Furthermore, most of the projects will pay for themselves as their energy savings cover their costs, making this initiative a financial and environmental win-win for New Yorkers.” 

The Build Smart NY Initiative

This program was designed and developed in order to increase the energy efficiency of buildings by 20%. To perpetuate this goal, the New York Power Authority has committed to provide $450 million in low-cost financing for these initiatives. According to Build Smart NY’s official website, over the next seven years, they will benchmark the energy usage of state buildings, and execute an energy master plans to improve the most energy intensive facilities. Based on the findings of the benchmarking data and energy master plans, Build Smart NY will target the low-hanging fruit, or the largest and most inefficient buildings. These buildings have the highest negative impact on the environment and the retrofits of these facilities will have the shortest payback periods. Build Smart NY will also implement best practices for building operations and maintenance to ensure efficiency improvements are sustained.

Take a look at Build Smart NY official website to learn more about this initiative.

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