What the Olympics did leave us: Get to know the new Mini MINI

New Mini electric car


These Olympic Games will have its own place in History, not in vain they are known for being the greenest Olympics ever. They will be remembered for many reasons, highlighting the amazing performance of all the athletes who have taken part in the competition. We will never forget the swimming of Phelps or how Usain Bolt challenged the wind and left us all impressed. London has offered an incredible organization and an amazing spirit that all the nations involved have shared

But these are also the Games where we got to know the new Mini´s electric car: Mini MINI. BMW chose one of the most international and relevant events to introduce this new “green vehicle” to the world. It is powered by a 10 horsepower electric motor with 35 minutes of usage time per battery pack, grass tires, heavy duty shocks and vented disc brakes. All to make sure that MINI’s latest electric offering is capable of everything.

However, Mini MINI has been exclusively designed for the Olympics and they only produced three vehicles. You will not be able to find it out there and buy it. If you want an electric car with the Mini touch, you can always go for the electric version of its two-door Cooper. Mini provided 40 copies of its Mini E electric car, used mainly for operations support and for the Olympic Torch Relay events.

If you want to be cleaner and get one electric car for yourself, Mini would be the coolest of choices.


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