Solar Decathlon Europe 2012

19 teams of university students from 12 different countries are in Madrid competing to build the most efficient house that uses the sun as the unique source of power. The students not only desing and build their houses, but also are implementing different ways of improving the incorporation of solar systems as well as generating and sharing knowledge on sustainable building.

Solar Europe Decathlon 2012 in Madrid

Solar Europe Decathlon 2012 in Madrid
Source: http://www.sdeurope.org

The winner of the competition will be the team that succesfully builds an efficient house that consums the less amount of natural resources while producing the less waste during the competition. Taking this in consideration, the teams and their buildings are evaluated through 10 different contests:

- Architecture

- Engineering and Construction

- Energy Efficiency

- Electrical Energy Balance

- Comfort Conditions

- Functioning of the house

- Communication and Raising Social Awareness

- Industrialization and Market Viability

- Innovation

- Sustainability

A completely sustainable event

As a proof os sustainability, this competition to reach effiency is framed in an infrastructure powered by the energy produced by participant buildings. Every element on “Villa Solar”, even Electric Vehicle Charge Stations, is connected to a Smart Grid in order to optimize energy produced by buildings in the contest and to give the excess to the grid.

According to Sergio Vega, Solar Decathlon Europe Director, the main objective of this event is to promote the creation of energy saving mecanisms as well as to raise awareness among society about this topic.

A wide variety of activities for all ages

Solar Decathlon Europe is not only about competition, it also has a conferences and activities for adults and kids. General visitants can do a guided tour through the Villa, participate in solar cooking demonstrations and in photography and short-film contest while the youngers can participate in drawing, photography and design contests depending on their age. There are also computer games for designing sustainable houses and a Music Lab powered by bycicles.


Solar Decathlon Europe-Solar Cooking Demonstrations

Solar Cooking Demonstrations at Solar Decathlon Europe, 2012
Source: www.sdeurope.org

If you want more information about participants and activities check out Solar Decathlon Europe Official Page.

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