A Solar-Powered Wind Turbine For Ultimate Energy Generation

Scientists from the University of Liverpool have came up with a solution that could minimize the intermittence related to wind power. The idea is simple. They have just upgraded a wind turbine by adding a new set of spinning solar blades. That way, they came up with an innovative solution that makes wind turbines useful even when wind is not blowing at all.

Although we would like to know more details reagarding its functioning and estimated power production, here at GNARUM we like this idea that doubles the funtionality of traditional turbines by incorporating photovoltaic technology.

Development Problems.

According to an article from Inhabitat, early computer simulations found that the turbine mounted solar panels would cause blinding beams of light to shoot out across the surrounding area. There was a real concern that the turbines could potentially blind aircraft pilots as well as anyone living in the vicinity. Not just that, but on a particularly hot day the turbines would generate ‘lethal’ solar rays that could set buildings on fire if concentrated.

“The last thing we want is for our turbines to cause plane crashes and fires, so we’ve devised a ‘tinted’ solar panel that doesn’t reflect sun beams. Our early prototype looked like a massive disco ball when it is was operational, but our solution now prevents that.”

Source: Inhabitat

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